How To Make It Easier For Your Toothless Cat To Eat

14 January 2016
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Sadly, most cats don't receive the dental attention that they need, and up to 30% of cats over 5 have had teeth removed as a result. In other cases, cats may lose their teeth from bizarre disorders, like tooth resorption, at no fault of their owners. In any case, if your cat has had all or nearly all of their teeth removed, they've fallen out, or you're thinking of adopting a cat that's lacking teeth, here are a few easy steps to make eating for them easier.

Skip Kibble

Cats have significant biting power, even without teeth, but crunchy kibble isn't a good choice for cats. Without teeth, cats eating kibble will scoop it up in their tongues and simply swallow it. While the likelihood of choking is extremely low, it can make it difficult for their digestive systems to handle the kibble. As a result, a cat who simply swallows their kibble may be more prone to vomiting and could even lose weight. If you've noticed whole chunks of kibble in vomit, your cat may be having this problem. The easiest thing to do is to just skip the kibble and choose a different food instead.

Wet Food

Wet food is a great option for cats, but there are still a few specific types that you can choose to make it easier for them. For example, shredded cat food may be difficult for them to pick up without teeth.

Pate style food is easy for cats to eat with or without teeth, since it comes out of the can in solid lumps that they can easily wrap their mouths around. It also doesn't require chewing, so their digestive systems are safe.

Monitor Your Cat's Eating

The best way to determine if your cat is adapting to the food you've chosen for them is to watch them eat. Do they lick the bowl and the food just slides around, not really getting eaten? Do they leave a lot of food in their bowl when they walk away from it? Are they losing weight? If the answer is yes to any of these, try choosing a different kind of food from the options listed above and see if your cat can handle them more easily.

If your cat simply cannot seem to eat any kind of food successfully, try buying gravy or broth-based cat food, or a cat milk substitute for them. Cats have incredible licking prowess and are able to lap up liquids four times per second, so they'll be able to get their calories from liquid easily.

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