Think Your Cat's Tail Is Injured? Here's How To Know And What To Do

4 January 2016
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As a cat lover, you might not consider a tail injury as something that can occur. Even though you may not hear of it often, it's important that you know how a tail injury can happen and what to look for. If you believe that your cat may have injured its tail, this guide explains how it may have happened, what some of the symptoms are, and what your vet may do.

Think of Possible Injury Events

Your cat can sustain an injury to its tail in multiple ways. The most common event that causes tail injury is if the cat's tail was stepped on or crushed in a door. Also, if your cat's tail has been pulled, injury is highly possible.

Some other events that commonly cause tail injuries include a bite or attack by another animal, or being run over by a car. If you notice a tail injury, it may be link to one of these events. Likewise, if you see one of these events occur, check to see if tail injury is present.

Know What Symptoms to Look For

If your cat's tail has been injured, there are a few symptoms to look. The first and most common sign is if your cat is excessively grooming its tail or reacts in pain if it's touched. Another sign to watch out for is irritated or broken skin on the tail including deep scratches, gashes, or bites.

If your cat seems to be having balance issues or is unable to hold its tail up, it may be a sign of tail injury. Finally, and most seriously, inability to defecate can be another sign of injury to the tail.

Be Prepared For the Vet Recommendations

If your cat has an injured tail, seek veterinary attention immediately. The vet will most likely administer an X-ray to assess how serious the injury is and inform you of potential courses of action.

A low and simple break could be repaired with a splint. However, if the tail is totally paralyzed or the break is complex, amputation may be the recommended treatment option.

The biggest concern will be if the cat is unable to go to the bathroom due to its injury. If this issue cannot be quickly resolved, the cat will most likely need to be put to sleep to prevent suffering.

Take your cat to a pet hospital like Honolulu Pet Clinic LLC The immediately if you believe that a situation has occurred resulting in injury to the tail. The professionals will take it from there, so that you can save your cat and help them heal.