Keeping Your Dog Healthy And Safe In The Winter

5 February 2016
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Your pooch may enjoy playing in the snow, but being exposed to cold temperatures for long periods of time can be dangerous. When winter rolls around, it is important to watch your dog extra carefully. If you don't, he could develop frost bite and other serious conditions. Here is some helpful advice on keeping your dog healthy and safe in the winter:

Put Booties on Your Dog's Paws

Salt might melt away ice and prevent you from falling on the ground, but they can be rough on your dog's paws. If salt gets on your dog's paws, they can become very dry and crack. If your dog licks his paws after walking on salt, he could get poisoned. Putting booties on your dog's paws before going outside can offer protection.

Pay Attention to Signs of Exposure

If you decide to walk your dog in the winter, it is important to look for signs of exposure. If your pooch shivers, slows down, whines or stops moving completely, it is definitely time to take him inside the house.

Adjust Your Dog's Diet

Your dog probably does not get as much exercise in the wintertime and spends more time sleeping. If your pooch eats as much as he did in the summer, he could gain weight. Talk to a veterinarian about adjusting your dog's diet during the winter months.

Watch Out for Antifreeze

Many dogs love the smell of antifreeze and may drink it if it leaks out of your vehicle. The bad news is that antifreeze is very toxic and can kill your dog. Make sure your dog stays out of the garage and clean up antifreeze spills as soon as possible.

Buy Your Dog a Coat

Your dog's fur likely will not keep him warm enough when he is outdoors in the winter. Buying your pooch a good quality coat will keep him toasty and reduce the risk of frost bite and hypothermia.

Don't Bathe Your Dog As Often

It is not a good idea to give your dog too many baths during the winter time because you could dry out his skin. If you still insist on bathing him, at least wash his fur with a moisturizing shampoo.

Your dog is one of your family members, so take good care of him this winter. If you follow these helpful tips, you can keep your precious pooch out of harm's way.