Core And Non-Core Vaccinations For Your Dog

9 April 2016
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Just like there are vaccines to help prevent disease and illness in humans, there are vaccines to help do the same in your dog. When you first get your dog, you might be wondering what sort of vaccinations they will need. Your vet might talk about core and non-core vaccinations. You should know what the core vaccinations are, as well as what non-core vaccinations are and when to get them for your dog.

Core Vaccinations For Your Dog

Core vaccinations are vaccinations that are highly recommended for every dog. They are vaccinations that help prevent diseases and illnesses that are widespread in dogs and that your dog has a high chance of getting. Core vaccinations offer long-term immunity, this means that you don't have to get your dog vaccinated for these things every year. However, they will need to receive the vaccine again eventually. You should discuss how often your dog will need these vaccines with your vet. Some of the core vaccinations your dog should receive are,

  • Parvovirus - Parvovirus, or parvo, is a very contagious disease that will attack your dog's cells and cause damage to the intestines. Parvo also attacks white blood cells, and if young puppies contract parvo it can permanently damage their hearts. 
  • Distemper - The distemper virus attacks your dog's respiratory system as well as your dog's central nervous system. 
  • Rabies - Rabies impacts the brain and spinal cord of your dog. Due to the risk of passing rabies onto a human, rabies vaccines are required by law in the United States 

Non-Core Vaccinations

Non-core vaccinations are vaccinations against illnesses, viruses and diseasees that are not as widespread, but that your vet determines your dog might be at high risk for. These vaccines are given depending on where you and your dog reside, as well as your dog's lifestyle habits. Non-core vaccinations include, 

  • Lyme Disease - If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors and in the woods, your vet might recommend Lyme disease vaccination. Lyme disease is passed to dog's through ticks and affects many different organs in your dog's body.
  • Canine Influenza - Canine influenza, or the dog flu, is a type of influenza virus that is easily passed from dog to dog. If your dog spends a lot of time in close contact with other dogs or is going to a shelter, your vet might recommend this vaccine. 

Keep your dog on the proper vaccination schedule and know what non-core vaccines he should be getting in order to help prevent any future illness in your dog. For more information, speak to a vet, like those at Basking Ridge Animal Hospital.